Charter of the Partnerships

for Sustainable Agriculture in Viet Nam (PSAV) under MARD


Members of the Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Viet Nam (PSAV) including different task forces, have voluntarily organized ourselves under the direction of MARD Minister to work with key stakeholders to support agricultural sustainable development in Viet Nam.

  1. Name

The name of Organization shall be the The Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Viet Nam (PSAV), a body under MARD Minister.

  1. Purposes

The purpose for which said Organization is formed are:

  1. To promote agricultural sustainable standards; develop and support policies and best farming practices in Viet Nam;
  2. To facilitate the Partnership with Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and other related government agencies of Viet Nam, international organizations and non-governmental organizations, and the general public (Public Private Partnership) on the agricultural sustainable development.
  3. To contribute to the development of science-based regulations governing the sustainable development and compliance thereto among the members of the Task Forces;
  4. To disseminate updated and trustworthy information on sustainable development and farming practice.
  1. Membership
    • Qualification for Membership – to be eligible for membership applicants should be an entity of manufacturer, trader, input supplier, exporter etc. engaging in the agricultural value chain, be a good of standing and be acceptable to the membership base on such qualifications and criteria as the members may determine and specify in writing from time to time.
    • The PPP Task Forces will be co-managed by one Chairman from public sector, one Vice Chairman from private sector and one Secretary voted by the PPP Task Forces itself.
    • New Members – can be accepted at any time base on majority vote of all Task Force members.
    • Right of Members – A member shall have the following rights:
      1. To participate in the deliberation and meetings of the Task Forces and exercise the right to vote at all matters relating to affairs of the Task Forces, provided that such member shall have a direct connection with the affairs in voting;
      2. To be eligible to any elective/appointive position in the Task Forces.
    • Termination of Membership – any member may be expelled from the Task Forces upon a unanimous vote of all the members of the Task Forces, for any of the following grounds:
      1. Non-payment of annual dues or other assessments.
      2. Absence from regular and special meetings for four (4) consecutive meetings;
      3. Cessation of business/operation;
      4. Any action of member, including serious violations of the Charter of the Task Forces deemed detrimental to the Task Forces, which has not been rectified by the Company/delegate.
      5. Any member expelled in the manner and in the form hereinabove provided shall not be entitled to a refund of any of the fees or dues previously paid to the Task Forces.
    • Resignation of a member – any member may resign from the Task Forces by delivering a written resignation one month in advance to the Chairman/Vice Chairman of the Task Forces. The Chairman/Vice Chairman shall inform all members on this news. A review process shall take place to decide on appropriate course of actions in relation to the member’s resignation, as agreed by the majority of the members. Dues paid in advance to the Task Forces shall not be refundable.
    • A resigned or expelled member may rejoin the group upon the unanimous approval of all remaining members, and only after serving a 3 month probation, expect, when the reason for expulsion is cessation of business, in which case, the expelled member can rejoin the group upon reacquiring legitimate business status and payment of Task Forces dues.

A member on probation following the above will not be entitled to vote.

Regular meeting dates are set aside in advance and meeting papers are to be distributed at least one week prior to the meeting by the Secretary.

Members will decide who will be their delegate. Where an official representative is unable to attend a meeting, an alternative delegate should attend where possible. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that their delegates are fully briefed and able to vote on behalf of their company.

Decisions (other than the appointment or termination of member which require unanimity) are passed by majority vote of the all the member of the Task Forces.

The purpose of AGM is to:

  1. Receive an annual report from the Chairman
  2. Receive and approve the annual financial report
  3. Elect or appoint the positions: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary if there is any change for these positions
  4. Decide on annual fees.
  5. Other issues that may derive
  1. Fund

The Funds of the Task Forces shall be derived from an annual dues and special assessments of members, gifts, or donation/sponsorship of organizations. For initial year, the Task Force members agreed to contribute a seed fund equivalent at least to One Thousand (US$1,000) US dollars per Member; and the Task Force leaders agreed to contribute at least Three Thousand (US$3,000). The management of the Fund shall be in accordance with the principle of PPP, in which one signature from representative of public sector and one signature from private sector will be required.

  1. The Secretariat

The Viet Nam PPP Task Forces is assisted by a Secretariat based in the International Cooperation Department of MARD.

The Secretariat’s TORs are as followings:

The Secretariat will open its own bank account to enable its operation, which will be audited annually in line with Viet Nam’s current regulations.

Tên tài khoản: Chương trình hỗ trợ quốc tế

Số tài khoản: 0011004184109

Ngân hàng: Ngân hàng TMCP Ngoại thương Việt Nam - Sở Giao dịch - Phòng Giao dịch số 22. 

Account: International Support Group

Account Number: 0011004184109

Name of Bank: Vietcombank; Brand number 22.