Grow Asia is officially recognized as an ASEAN Associated Entity (13/08/2020)

As of August 2020, Grow Asia is recognized as an Associated Entity of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making Grow Asia the first World Economic Forum-initiated platform to achieve this...

Russia willing to expand agricultural cooperation with Vietnam, ASEAN (31/07/2020)

Russia is willing to expand cooperation with Vietnam and member countries of the ASEAN in the field of agriculture, including the development of innovative technologies, the Ministry of Economic Development said on July 27.

Vietnam can cut pesticide use significantly without productivity loss: expert (27/07/2020)

The Vietnam Plant Protection Association (VNPPA) has called for a 30 percent cut to deal with long-standing pesticide overuse in the country. It says cutting pesticide use by 30 percent will not impact agricultural productivity

China issued a notice to the WTO about the inspection of Covid-19 in the imported frozen food chain (24/07/2020)

On July 14th, 2020, China issued G/SPS/GEN/1812  notice to WTO regarding the Covid-19 inspection in the imported frozen food chain

2nd Consultation Meeting on Action Plan of the Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam (PSAV) in the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030 (24/07/2020)

On the morning of July 22th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a consultation meeting on the Action Plan for the Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam (PSAV) in the period of 2021 - 2025, vision to 2030 by Mr. Nguyen Do Anh Tuan - Director General of Department of International Cooperation.

Viet Nam and New Zealand issue joint statement on strategic partnership (23/07/2020)

At the high-level virtual meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his New Zealand counterpart, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the elevation of the two countries’ relationship to a strategic partnership.


Legal documents

Number Date issued Description Download
BT-PSAV-Q4-2019-EN 02/12/2019

PSAV Newsletter 4th Quarter 2019

BT-PSAV-Q3-2019-EN 01/10/2019

PSAV Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2019

BT-PSAV-Q2-2019-EN 30/07/2019

PSAV Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2019

BT-PSAV-Q1-2019-EN 01/04/2019

PSAV Newsletter 1st Quarter 2019

BT-PSAV-Q4-2018-EN 30/12/2018

PSAV Newsletter 4th Quarter 2018

BT-PSAV-Q3-2018-EN 30/09/2018

PSAV Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2018

Number Date issued Description Download
2020/51174514/31225294 07/04/2020

Guidance On Health Certificates by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

732/QD-BNN-TT 10/03/2020

Decision amending and supplementing the Plan to restructure crop production replacing rice-farming land in the 2019-2020 period (2nd time)

14/2017/TT-BNNPTNT 05/07/2017

Guidance On Public Private Partnership For Investment In Agriculture And Rural Areas

30/2015/NĐ-CP 17/03/2015

Guidelines For Some Articles On Investor Selection Of The Law On Bidding

15/2015/NĐ-CP 14/02/2015

The Decree on Public - Private Partnership Investment Form

67/2014/QH13 24/11/2014

Law on Investment

Number Date issued Description Download
Smallholder AgriTech Business Models 14/08/2020

Smallholder AgriTech Business Models: High-potential models emerging in Southeast Asia

ASEAN Action Plan on Fall Armyworm (FAW) 14/08/2020

ASEAN Action Plan on Fall Armyworm (FAW)


PSAV Brochure 2020 01/08/2020

Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Viet Nam Brochure 2020 

CropLife Asia on COVID-19 Learnings 28/05/2020

CropLife Asia on COVID-19 Learnings


T1-2020 01/01/2020


BC-24-09-2019-EN 28/10/2019

Meeting minutes Livestock Outlook and PPP dialogue and Introduction of the PPP Task force on Livestock

Number Date issued Description Download
PSAV-General-Meeting-2019 17/05/2019

PSAV  General Meeting 2019

PSAV-PPP-Task-Force-Leaders-Meeting 20/02/2019

PSAV PPP Task Force Leaders’ Meeting

PSAV-Semi-annual-General-Meeting-2018 16/08/2018

PSAV Semi annual General Meeting 2018

PSAV-General-Meeting-2017 09/01/2018

PSAV General Meeting 2017

PPP-in-High-Technology-Agriculture 09/03/2017

The Dialogue on PPP in High Technology Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges.

PSAV-General-Meeting-2016 30/11/2016

PSAV General Meeting 2016

PSAV was established in 2010 under the "New Vision for Agriculture 2020" approach to the 20-20-20 objective, which is 20% increase in productivity, 20% reduction in poverty, and 20% reduction in emissions. PSAV focuses on linking actors in the agricultural sector to share experiences and collaborate on the value chain development of key agricultural commodities in Vietnam in the form of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Up to date, PSAV has eight PPP Task Forces (TF), including Coffee, Tea, Vegetables and Fruits, Fisheries, Rice, Spices and Pepper, Livestocks, Agro-Chemicals, which are formed and operated with the participation of 70 organizations, including government agencies, companies, industry associations, research institutes, international and non-governmental organizations.


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