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Large livestock enterprises committed to lower the pork price to 70.000 VND/kg starting 01.04.2020

01/ 04/ 2020

At the meeting with leaders of ministries, all line departments and 15 livestock enterprises held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on March 30th, 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung emphasized that, “The task set for the livestock industry is to reduce pork price to a reasonable price, both to ensure the livelihood of the people, the interest of farmers, business and macroeconomic stability. This is not only an economic responsibility, but also a political, cultural and ethical issue to the people ”.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that, “ The disease also has a great impact on the development of most economic sectors, reducing growth, affecting socio-economic growth targets and thereby affecting the lives of people and requires concentrated epidemic with measures”.

Regarding the livestock industry, though still heavily affected by African swine fever virus, we managed well to develop the pig herds. From the early 2020 up to now, the rate of re-herd and increase of pig herds reaches 6.2% (an increase of more than 2 million heads compared to the number on December 2019). The total output of pork reaches 810,000 tons. The maintenance of agricultural development in general and the development of pig herds in particular have contributed significantly to economic development and people's life.

However, as reported by the Price Executive Steering Committee, from late 2019 to present, pork prices are always high. Deputy Prime Minister cited press information posted on March 29th stated pork prices are at 82,000 to 85,000 VND in the Northern Vietnam; 72,000 to 85,000 VND in Central Highlands; 75,000 to 81,000 VND in the Southern Vietnam. At the meeting, all 15/15 enterprises have committed to lower the pig price to 70,000 VND/kg from 01.04.2020, and according to the roadmap by the end of the second and third quarter, the price will be down to 65,000 to 60,000 VND/kg.

To accomplish this goal, along with the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, local authorities and the business community, it demands the joining hands of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in supporting Vietnamese enterprises to identify for appropriate sources in exporting countries, and organize importing pork under the direction of the Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in the upcoming time, to develop a sector development plan, a plan to increase the herd and re-pig herds, but to ensure the supply-demand balance. Deputy Prime Minister requested to promote restructuring, building the breeding chain, manufacture, supply, disease free areas;

control of pig diseases, including African swine fever virus; ensure meat supply in the context of COVID-19, do not let psychologically panic, stabilize the market.

The Ministry of Finance shall consider and issue policy on pork import tax reduction which including the policy of reducing and exempting taxes for businesses importing pork from the United States. In particular, the Ministry of Industry and Trade needs to organize and tightly control the pork supply chain in the market, without speculation and price inflation, especially in intermediate stages.